nicolas guérin

Photographer: Nicolas Guérin
Creative Director: Sheri Chiu
Stylist: Sonia Logerot
MakeUp: Virginia Rascle
Hair Stylist: Christian Attuly
Photo Assistant: Esteban Wautier
Models: Hannare Blaauboer and  Monica Cima
REVS magazine # 14
Title: Appetite for Atraction
Portfolio: Nicolas Guérin

Photographer: Nicolas Guérin
Stylist: Bertille Tabourot
MakeUp: Quin Huo
Hair Stylist: Jonathan Dadoun
Photo Assistant: Esteban Wautier and Valentine Arnaly
Models: Claire Fromaigeat and Philippine
TTT magazine 
Title: Inséparables
Portfolio: Nicolas Guérin

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