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These three beauty products are my favorites right now, but if I have to recommend just one for you to try, it's the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels.

I used the eye gels before my friend's wedding and it definitely provided an immediate result. It didn't take my fine lines away, but it did de-puff, firm, and brighten my undereye area. Not to mention how incredibly relaxing they felt. They are essentially like stickers that you place under each eye for about ten minutes. One side has the gel that is nice and cooling. I will never be without them. They are perfect for a special event when you need an extra beauty boost, but they are also great for a self-care treat anytime.

I'm really into brights for my nails almost every Spring and Summer, but it's also nice to take a break from those and wear something a bit more subdued and elegant. Plus let's face it, nude polish is just so easy and fool-proof! I have quite a few options in my nail polish collection, but this one by O.P.I. is my current love. I wore it on my wedding day.

Three Summers ago, I purchased Summer Grace perfume by Philosophy and proceeded to quickly use it up. It is described as Summer in a bottle, and I have to agree. I think it has since been discontinued because I've looked everywhere for it, but I found it here. I again will use it all Summer long.

While browsing my giant pile of magazines I need to catch up on this weekend, I was stopped in my tracks by this image:
Hello Lover!
God I love J.Crew shoes. So well-done, and classic but with a modern twist. Precisely my style.

I got my second Rocksbox yesterday, though I think it had been sitting in my mailbox all weekend. Everything was to my liking though, and I can't wait to wear my pretty jewels. I'll be sure to do some outfit posts and show them off next week. It's time I get back to a regular blogging schedule and quit having so much fun (and a life). 

Remember, use code beachfirenkxoxo for your first month free! I hate sounding like a pushy salesperson, but I really do love this company's concept and the designers involved are wonderful. 

What are you loving lately in the style/beauty world? Anything I should know about?

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