Hi-Fi non-veg adult sms messages...

Coz every Single Lesbian couple means 2 Pussies out of man's reach. What a waste of Natural Resources...:-(

A girl was toweling her wet pussy.she enjoyed it and started rubbing it vigoursly until the pussy cried MEOW and ran away. BE KIND TO ANIMALS. & THINK +ve.

A Great Thinker Once Said: 
A Man With His Tool In A Woman's Mouth., 
Can Also Be A 
D E N T I S T!

PATI ne Surprise Dene k liye Apne Niche k Baal Katwaye Or Chupke Se So Gya.
Nind Me PATNI Ne Niche Haath Fera or boli
are DEVAR JI Aap kab Aye.

Banta-mai 1 bar main 3 balti utha sakta hun.2 hath mai 1 land par.
Banta-mai 5 utha sakta hun.
Santa-Wo kaise.
Banta-2 hath main or land par tujhe baitha lunga.

For India,
its IND
For Pakistan,
its PAK
For Australia,
its AUS
For Argentina,
its ARG 
For Germany,
its GER
Then What for
BRAzil & LONDon??

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