My Favorite Spring Trend & Monthly Reads Reunion

Wearing all white is probably my absolute favorite "trend" for Spring. Once afraid that I would look like a giant sack in this ethereal hue, I now am crazy about it. I really blame my wedding for this love affair. I felt so special that day in my gown, that I think it's carried over into my daily wardrobe. It brightens my complexion, lifts my spirits, and is the perfect canvas for jewelry. I like to use it just as I do with black, meaning I let my accessories be the stand-out, or I just go with it and keep everything very simple and understated. The look is crisp, youthful, and chic. You'll be seeing me in similar outfits all season long. Light and bright! The epitome of my Spring wardrobe.

Wearing //
Express druzy necklace, check stores

And now for something exciting, something I've been itching for! Once upon a time, I used to participate in a monthly must-reads series. If you've been following me from the beginning, then you have undoubtedly read those, and if you are new to my blog, just type in "monthly must-reads" in my search category and they will pop up. I started blogging in 2009 and during this time, I met some of my best blogger friends. It feels amazing to do this once again with them! I love them to pieces. If you haven't checked their blogs out, I suggest you exit this page and do so immediately.

A warm hug to Zeba for putting this together, as she did back then :)

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