Style Blogger Love # 2

In my first edition of the style blogger series, I mentioned that I wanted to make it a bi-monthly post. That one was so much fun to create. I got such wonderful feedback and lovely emails, that I knew I had to keep my word and continue showcasing my favorite ladies. I follow so many of you, don't be surprised if you receive a request next!

I reached out to five ladies last week, and luckily four of them replied back and agreed to participate. Two of these ladies I've been closely following for quite some time, and the other two are more recent inspirations. All have beautiful, attainable style.

First up is Tara, who I've been following for years now. What first drew me into her blog was her profession - a school teacher. I love women that work with children. It's such an under appreciated job, one that has a true impact on the future. I also work with children, and it's such a difficult position at times. I love that Tara shows us how to look professional and polished, yet still youthful. Her style is colorful and playful, and instead of following the whole stereotype of how a teacher "typically" dresses, she completely goes against that and has made me realize that you can have fun with your work wardrobe! Her use of color and pattern mixing always provide me with new ideas.

(formerly Kacie's Kloset)

Next is Kacie, a fellow California girl. I've also been following her for over two years now, and she is just stunning! Her style is so chic. She wears the perfect jeans, and then uses them to either dress up or down the rest of her outfit. She is one of the ladies who also inspired me to cut my hair! I loved her haircut so much that I actually showed her blog to my sister-in-law and had her try to replicate it. Did you know that, Kacie? I also admire her photography skills. She takes her own pictures, something I honestly don't think I could ever be talented (or patient) enough to do. She has an eye for styling, and she comes across as very professional about it. Her look is the epitome of California cool in my book. 

I found Rachelle's blog through my friends Gina and Carylee. I'm not really sure how it happened though. I kept seeing her featured on their blogs, and then I decided to click over to Pink Sole and was immediately hooked. She loves Express just as much as I do, and she has a beautiful way of putting things together to give me fresh ideas on how to pair them. She strikes me as a very capable and confident woman, something you all may know I'm struggling with as of late. Her confidence really shines through on her blog, and her smile makes every outfit she is wearing that much more beautiful. 

Carolina is my newest find. I hope that doesn't come across in the wrong way, but when I discover a blogger that really inspires me, it's like finding a diamond in the rough! The blogosphere is bombarded with new ladies every single day, and although I think there's room for everyone, I often see the same type of style. Carolina is how I long to dress. I literally want to raid her closet and wear everything she owns. She is insanely beautiful, and her style is impeccable. She looks modern but classic at the same time if that makes sense. She looks effortless but still very put-together, and that's something I always appreciate. 

I hope you will visit their blogs, if you don't follow them already. 

Thank you for reading!

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