Last Spring

I did this exact post last year, and now I'm doing it again. Spring has quickly become my favorite season for style (the allergies not so much). I think I like it because it's a great transitional period - not too hot yet, but still a slight bump up in temperature from California's "Winter". Which was completely non-existent by the way! Last Spring, I was still getting accustomed to my new shorter hair, I wore nudes on my nails quite often, my blue Kate Spade bag was (and still is) my obsession, and I definitely had a thing for midi skirts and ladylike silhouettes. I guess not much has changed, but I'm looking back and taking some of my own style cues. I feel like I'm in a rut lately. I keep complaining that I have nothing to wear, even though I have a closet filled with clothes. Typical.

Now that Summer is around the corner, I think I'll be pulling all of these looks back out. What's old is new again.

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