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I've had a few requests and emails about dedicating a post on my blog to my dog, Nettie. Like any proud parent, I love taking pictures of her and documenting how big she's getting. I was unsure about doing this post though because this is a style and beauty blog and well, she's a dog. However, I think it can be fun to change things up once in awhile and so many of us are animal lovers, so why not? Life isn't all handbags and Express sales ;) Feel free to skip this one if you're uninterested though, I'll be back with outfits next week!

Here are a few facts about owning a pitbull:

* Although she is cute as a button, she is very high-strung and hyper. Most puppies calm down after about a year, but I think Nettie's puppy stage is going to last a few months longer. This hyper activity has led to the destruction of our couch, pillows, and bedding. She will chew just about anything she can, and although it has been extremely frustrating, we are sure to run the heck out of her every evening so she can tire herself out and release energy. She is happiest outdoors, and she loves car rides, people watching on our balcony, and playing with toys.

* She's the most loving and affectionate dog I've ever owned. I've always had dogs growing up, mostly rescues (actually, they have all been rescues). But none of them have been "lapdogs" like Nettie. It's hard to get things done around here because she's always climbing on top of us and wanting a belly rub.

* She is more work than I expected, and requires more attention that any dog I've owned. She is sweet, but one false move and I get a bruise, accidental nip, or scratch especially when she's riled up and wants to play.

* Pitbulls really do get a bad rap. It's all about how you care for them. Her strength and power can be overwhelming, especially for a small gal like myself. But socializing her with other dogs of all breeds has made all the difference, and we really strive to bring her around people. I hate the stereotype that pitbulls are grizzly, mean animals who can't be loving pets. I have seen proof that this is a total myth.

Now for your viewing pleasure...

No idea what is going on here but it's quite possibly my favorite picture ever!
She used to sleep with her legs stretched out like that. I miss being able to hold her in my arms. 

She is nine months old now, and weighs a little over sixty pounds. I think she's almost done growing. You can find more pictures of her on my Instagram.  Let me know if you have any questions. 

Happy Friday!

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