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Express vest (on sale, check stores)
Zara pumps, similar
J.Crew Factory clutch, similar here & here

I had been seeing white vests on a lot of lovely ladies, and I liked the effortless layer over a simple tee or tank and jeans. I just had one little problem - I didn't own a vest, so I couldn't create the look for myself. During the Express sale last week, I decided to pop in and see if there was anything I needed. I was getting ready to leave the store empty-handed, until I saw a few of these white vests hanging by the dresses. It met my criteria - it was white. I love the length, the single button, the faux pockets on either side, and the tuxedo fabric. It's the perfect layering piece to dress up an otherwise simple (i.e. boring) look. Funny, because as I was flipping through a Spring magazine yesterday, I saw plenty of celebrities wearing vests. I guess I'm behind on more than just my reading material. I have to confess, I'm completely over fashion and women's magazines. With blogging and Instagram showcasing the latest trends, I don't feel it necessary to subscribe to them anymore. It's a pity really. My dream growing up was to work at a fashion magazine, but I'm cancelling my subscriptions. Is it a sign of the times?

What do you ladies think?

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