#NSale {My Wishlist}

So I normally don't do sale picks, guides, or wishlists these days because, well...I figure you ladies are savvy enough to pick your own (or to refrain altogether). But if you've been reading my blog from the beginning in 2009 (I'm totally dating myself here), then you know that I shop for at least one or two key pieces from the Nordstrom anniversary sale each year. In fact, because I started my blog in July, it was one of my very first embarrassing posts. I'm not going to link to it. It's embarrassing.

I don't have the capacity to go out and shop in a major way every season, but I do like getting at least one investment piece that will get me excited about cooler weather in the Fall. I also prefer classic looks over trendy items that won't last. It's a smart way to get more bang for your buck from these types of sales.

I have a budget in mind, so my wishlist is very small this year. I'm going to head to my local Nordstrom next Friday, when the sale is open to the public. If you are a card member, you can shop now! I plan on trying a lot of things on, so look for Instagram photos and a possible follow-up on here once I do my browsing. I love shopping online, but for this event, I always buy in-store. It's part of the experience!

My wishlist this year:
Rebecca Minkoff bag
(Looking at this pretty shade but it also comes in black and white)
Louise Et Cie flats
(Notice my red theme here?)

Voluspa candle trio

Halogen long cardigan (available in petites!)

I think there MUST be more items available in-store that I might be interested in, so even though this is a tiny list, stay tuned. I may or may not find something else. 

Do you have any plans to shop the sale? 

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