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Friendship is a collection of heart.
Not a selection of heart.
All friends are not true.
But true friends are few. 1 of them is U & U 1ly.

A Thousand Things Between Us Low Balance, Buzy Network, No Time, Heavy Work, etc. But still I have a Habit of Remembering U very often - My Best Friends

My Frndship Is Like Drugs!
Once U Take It,U Cant Avoid It.
Whn U Dnt Get It, U R Sick & Whn U Lose It, U R Destroyed..!
So Dont Dare 2 4get..

My Relationship..
With U is Like Sugarcane!!
Break It,
Crush It,
Squeeze It,
Beat & Grind It,
But Always
U Will Get,

Hundred Words Of A True Friend,
Can Never Give Pain, But A True Friend's Silence,
Can Give Hundred Tears In Heart.. So,
Hamesha Bak Bak Karte Rehna..

Many People Give U.. "Crying Tears"
"Laughing Smiles"
But There Are Few People, Who Give U..
"Laughing Tears" And
"Crying Smiles"
Those Very Few Called, == FRIENDS ==

i Wish..
I Break My Rib 2 Make A Pen,
Cut My Skin 2 Make A Paper,
Take My Blood 2 Make An Ink,
And Write To U

Art Of Living.. First Of All Don't Make Friend, If Done, Then Don't Go Much Close To Them, If Gone, Then Don't Love Them, If Loved, Then Please Don't Leave Them..

Sometimes In Life V Run So Fast That V Don‘t Notice Anyone Running With Us V Notice THEM Only Whn V Fall & THEY Stop To Pick Us Up .. THEY r Called fRiEnDz.. :)

A boyfriend stabs you in the heart,
a stranger stabs you in the front,
a friend stabs you in the back,
but best friends don't carry knives.

Ice is a cream, luv is a dream but r friendship is evergreen.

It's gud to have money and the things it can buy but it's also gud to check once in a while and make sure u haven't lost the things money can't buy... FRIENDS!

V irg(I)n
I n(D)icom
Hey how crazy,
Even networks cant stay without a FRIEND.

Everything is incomlete without 'ME.
Even this lovely --ssage is incomlete without ME

Help ever… hurt never… love ever.. hate naver… give ever… except never… smile ever… cry never… think me ever..forget me never…!

Friend means
F: Fursat ho na ho
R: Raat ho ya din ho
I: Intezaar ho na ho
E: Ehsas ho na ho
N: Nibaho dil khol kay D: Dosti kay rishtay ko CHahe mulaqat ho na ho

Sensational Quote About ATTITUDE:
I Can Prove That
My Friends R Perfect Bcoz
I’M The Best Exmple Of Their Choice

No Matter How Bitter A Coffee Gets,
One Bite Of A Sweet Cookie
Changes Everything…
Thanks For Being…
A Sweet Cookie Friend
In A Bitter Coffee World…

Ur Friendship Is A Blank Cheque For Me
It’s An Asset Not Liability
Always A Credit Not A Debit
Always A Profit Not A Loss &
I Hope It’ll Never Bounce

The World Is Round
We Will Meet Again.
When We Will Meet Again I’ll Ask You..
“How Are You”
Hope You’ll Not Ask..
“Who Are You”
Remember ME

Friends Are Da Cutest,
Lovable Idiots In Dis World!
Bcz Dey Can Die 4 Frndship
At Any Instant,
At D Same Time,
Dey Wil Demand A Treat For Dying.

For Example:
LOVE Nahin To LIFE Bekaar
MOON Nahin To SKY Bekaar
Fill In….
Dost Nahin To ……. Bekar..?

DOSTI Or Pyar Nadi Pe Ghoomne Gae,
Pyar Nadi Mein Gir Gaya Q?
Q K Pyar Andha Hota Hai
Us K Peeche Dosti B Gir Gai Q.?
Q K Dosti Kabhi Saath Nahi Chorti…!

Difference B/W Love & Friendship:
Balnce Na Hote Hue B
Kuch B Kr K Call Krna Is Love
Balnce Hote Hue B Baat Na Krna Is Frndship.
Doob K Mar Jao Besharmo.

A Nice Quote
By A Friend …
“I Don’t Care
You Disturb Me,
I Get Disturb
You Don’t Disturb Me”

Best frnds r lyk a pair of scissors,
joint togthr, often go in opp dirctions,
But they giv punishment to those who
come between them……

If I could give 1 thing in my life, I would give the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then you realize how special you are to me.

D sky without stars is like sleep without dreams, like a song without music, like a rose without smell, like a face without smile, like ME without U!

A Philosopher Said:
Choose Your ‘Friend’ Very Carefully,
Because They Will Become
Your “Introduction.”

Nice Lines For True Friends
I Can’t Promise To Solve
Your All Problems
But I Can Promise
That You Would Not Have
To Face Them Alone

Bf : Best Friend
Cf : Close Friend
Df : Dear Friend
Gf : Good Friend
Lf : Lovely Friend
Nf : Naughty Friend
Sf : Sweet Friend.
Mujhe Kon Sa Nam Doge Aap?

Starts With “Hi”
Changes To “Whats Up”
Grows To “Oye Pagal”
Tends To “Tu Apna Dimagh Mat Chala”
Falls To “Thappar Khana Hai?”
Finally “Tu Sambhal Lena Yaar”
Thats ‘Fr3ndsh¡P’

Friend is One
Who Tolerates Ur Worst MOOD,
Manages 2 Smile On Ur Idiotic JOKE,
Tries 2 Understnd Ur Craziest DREAM,
& Knws D
Biggest Reason
Behind Ur Smallest Tear!

5 Reasons
Y “U” & “ME” R Friends?
Never Search 4 Reasons..
Cuz Good Friendship Has No Reasons.

Dont Try To Have Friends
Who Achieve Great Heights.
Have A Friend Who Can Hold You
When You Fall From A Great Height.
“Loyal Friend Is Better Than A Royal Friend”

Forgeting Friends Is A Crime,
Ignoring Them Is A Shame,
Liking Them Is A Pleasure,
Thinking Of Them Is Necessity
Disturbing Them Is A “Basic Right”

A Beautiful Saying!
Achy Dost Banao
Q K Insan Ki Pehchan
Us Se Nahin
Us K Doston Se Hoti Hai.
Isi Liye Tm Ne Mjhe Dost Bnaya Na.
So value me always

EVERY Relation Is Beautiful
But Real Love Is Most Beautiful,
Evry Light Is Gud
But Sunlight Is Best,
Evry Frend Is
Sweet But U R
So Sweeet!

Mana K Sapne Ka Pehla Lafz
Hota Hai
Lekin Agar “S” Ko Nikal Do
To “Apne” Reh Jate Hain
Agr Ap Jese “APNE” Na Hon
Sapne Koi Mayene Nahi Rakhte.

Aap Dosti Ka Wo Dagh Ho
Jse Hm TIDE Se Dho Nahi Sakte
RIN Se Saf Nahi Kar Sakte
SURF EXCEL Se Mita Nahi Sakte
Kuch Dagh To Ache Hote Hain Na

So Many Hands In One Chips Pack..
So Many People On One Bench
So Much Laughter On One Stupid Joke
So Many Calls On Birthday Nights
So Many Hugs For One Little Worry
So Much Love For Just One Little Fight
This Iz What
We Call

True Friends Stand Behind U During Ur Bad Times
U Want A Documentary Proof?
In Future Check Out Ur Marriage Album
U’ll Find All Frnds Behind U

D Willingness To Listen
D Patience 2 Understand
D Strength 2 Support
D Heart 2 Careand Just To B There..
That’s D Beauty Of FRIENDSHIP

Friendship Is D
Inexpressible Comfort Of Feeling
Safe Wid A Person
Bcoz U Neither Have 2 Weigh
Ur Thoughts Nor Measure Ur Words

Flower means Honey
Honey means Sweet
Sweet means Desire
Desire means Love
Love means Friend
Friend means You

Sweet Fruits r Nice 2 Eat
Sweet Words Easy 2 Say
But Sweet Friend Hard 2 Find
And It’s My Goodness
How Did I Find U

We Smile At Whom We Like
We Cry For Whom We Care
We Share With Whom We Love
We Laugh With Whom We Enjoy
We Bcom Angry With Whom We Feel Is Our Own
Thats Friendship

I Miss Ur Face
I Miss Ur Voice
I Miss Ur Smile
I Miss Ur SMS
I Do’nt Miss Ur
Always Ur My Sweet Friend
Till My Life

“LIFE” Becomes
“LIE” IF “F”Is Missed
“F” Denotes For Friend
So Life Is LIE Without Friend
I’m Happy To Say That My Life
Is Not LIE Because I Have U

0      1       2      3
No Scale Can Measure
Our Friendship
One Can See Where It Starts
Nobody Can Ever See Where It Ends
Happy Friendship Day

If You Get Less Msg From Me
Do Not Think
That I Did Not Care 4 U
But I Am Searching
$ D Best Msg
For A Best Person Like U.

Wen U R Counting All Ur Friends
D Oldest, D Best, & D New….
I Wud Like To Stand
By Ur Side N Say Two Little Words…

We R Good Frnd Since “Jab V Met”
Our Friendship Goes On Like “Tara Rum Pum”
This Frndship Makes “Zindagi Rocks”
So I Pray God V Just Do “Dhamal”

1 Advice: Take Care
1 Request: Dont Change
1 Wish: Dont Forget Me
1 Lie: I Hate U
1 Truth: I Miss U
1 Hope: We Will Always B Good Friends!

A Truly Toching Frnd
Understands Wen U Say Im Sad
Forgives Wen U Say Im Sorry
Feels Hapy Wen U Say I Luv U
Smiles Wen U Say I Mis U
But Dies Wen U Say Forget Me

Friendship . . .
Is You
Is Love
Is Shared
Is Forgiving
Is Understanding
Is Shared Success….

Renewal Of Friendship Contract 2015-2016
After Serious & Cautious Consideration
Ur Contract Of Friendship Has Been Renewed 5 D Year 2015-20120
It Was A Hard Decision To Make So Try To Be More Friendly & Caring Next Year
I’m Giving You Another Chance So Don’t Miss It

At Any Time In ur Life
If U Get A Doubt About Our
FRIENDSHIP Take A Coin And Test*
*Condition apply
If Head comes Its true
If tail comes Its is not false
I always be ur best of best friend

Friendship Is Like An Onion
It Has Many Layers
It Will Add Taste To Ur Life
But If U’ll Try To Cut It
U’ll Have Tears In Ur Eyes

If Friend Is Cathode You Should Be Anode
If Friend Is Negative Charge You Should Be Positive Charge
If Friend Is North Pole You Should Be South Pole
Opposite Things Attract Each Other

Butterflies Dont Know D Colour Of Their Wings
But Human Eyes Know How Nice It Is
Like Wise You Dont Know How Good You R
But I Know How Special U R

Friendship Is Like War ..
Easy 2 Start …
Difficult 2 End …
Impossible 2 Forget …
So I’m Having A War With U
I Hope That U Don’t Want Peace

Old Friends R Gold
New Friends May B Diamond
If U Get Diamond Dont Ever Forget The
Gold Becoz To Hold A Diamond U Always
Need A Base Of Gold

TIME Alone Can Prove D Worth Of Frienship..
As Time Goes By
V Loose D False Ones
N Keep D Best
Just A Sweet Hello
2 One Of D Best….

2 May Talk Together
Under D Same Roof
4 Many Years
Yet Never Really Meet
& 2 Other At 1st Speech
R Old Friendz!

Coming Together Is a Beginning
Staying Together Is Progress
Living Together Is Life
Dying Together Is Luv
But Being Apart
Still Together Is Friendship

Dosti Is Sumthing That No 1 Can Hate
Dosti Is A Passion V Find In Our Mate
Dosti Can Happen Anytime Early Or Late
Dosti Is A Medicine Without Expiry Date

Respect Those Friends Who Find Time 4 U
In Their Time Table…
Love Those Who Dont Look Their
Time Table When U Need Them…

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