The Little Black Top

Wearing //
Banana Republic top (I want the olive color)
LOFT jeans
Halogen bag, similar
Margaret Elizabeth druzy cuff

I have complete writer's block at this very moment. Does this ever happen to you? Writing has always been a huge passion. I feel like I started writing before I started speaking. That's not true of course, but I always get so frustrated when I have nothing of relevance to say to you guys. So here you go, here are some pictures of me wearing clothes. Clothes I actually wear. See above. 

Maybe taking the week off is to blame? I swear I've spoken more to my dog than I have to an actual human being these past couple of days. I'm hoping this goes away by the time I get back in the swing of things on Monday. In the meantime, some random thoughts:

I love a little black top. It's as important in anyone's wardrobe as a little black dress. This one is especially flattering because it has buttons and a drawstring to cinch in the waist. 

My dog doesn't know how to swim. I thought that was instinctual? Maybe she takes after me. I also don't know how to swim, aside from the dog paddle. The doggy paddle is a lie. My dog doesn't know how to paddle either. 

Nate and I are staying on the Queen Mary on Saturday evening, then going to its famous brunch on Sunday. I promise to document any ghosts that I may meet. I also want Nate to pretend he's Leonardo Dicaprio and I'm Kate Winslet on the Titanic for the entirety of this rendezvous. I need Celine Dion singing in the background while he and I make out on the deck, hopefully my hair flowing in the wind. Hey, I've never been on a giant historic ship. This teen fantasy must happen. It's my only chance. 

Um so...See you all back here next week!

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