The Queen Mary

Wearing //
Loft maxi dress (old), gorgeous option
Elizabeth Stone Jewelry druzy ring & bracelet

Last week was nothing short of a whirlwind in many ways. Despite Nate and I doing a staycation rather than traveling out of state or country, we still managed to cruise around Los Angeles and Orange County. It's amazing how often we take our surrounding cities for granted. Born in L.A., my parents never really showed me around Hollywood or Malibu, so I wanted to definitely explore those areas during our time off. 
The Queen Mary in Long Beach was by far the most exciting part. Although most of it has been renovated, I felt like I was stepping back in time. The ship itself was breathtaking, as I had never set foot on such a massive boat. There was a feeling in the air that I can't explain, but I wouldn't say it was supernatural. I didn't see or hear any ghosts, and I know that can deter people from staying aboard overnight but I highly recommend doing so! Our room was surprisingly spacious, the staff were extremely knowledgeable and unusually polite, and I was in awe of the ship's history.You don't need to pay extra for a tour in order to get a real sense of the Queen Mary's past. Just do some walking and you will see plenty of plaques, pictures, and so forth. Nate and I aren't really the type to do guided tours. We like to wing it and venture on our own. 

The maxi dress shown above is the only outfit I documented on my week off, and it was so windy on the deck that I had difficulty capturing it for fear of pulling a Marilyn Monroe. Nobody wants to see my spanx. However, I avoided taking pictures in other areas of the ship due to the throngs of people. I'm still sheepish when it comes to blogging my outfits. I'm no Kardashian.

Stunning view

A peek at one of the life boats. 

Dinner that night. 
We split this plate for both monetary and weight purposes ;) Filet and lobster heaven.

Brunch the next morning.
Phenomenal, and worth every penny. Not to mention every glass of champagne consumed. 

One of the spooky hallways. 
Really not that spooky. A little musty, a little chilly, but not scary.

The beautiful Queen gets an A+ rating from yours truly.

If you want to see more pictures from my week off, Instagram is the place to find them. 

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