Trends I Want to Try

I often look at street style trends with a skeptical eye. Most trends are just too...trendy. I'd rather invest in clothes that I can wear season after season (especially since the climate is so warm here in California as compared to other parts of the country). Buying something that will go out of style in a couple of months is really not my preference. One, because some trendy pieces are actually expensive and they don't suit my current budget, and two, because I like things that are more classic anyway.

As cute as they may look on others, you won't catch me in sneakers. I've never gravitated towards them, and the only time I can bear them is when I'm working out or watching Nate play on his dirt bike. You also won't find me in the off-the-shoulder tops and dresses that are making the rounds. I don't think that silhouette is flattering on me. I'm petite and a bit curvy, so a lot of what's "in" just doesn't look "right" on my body. The same goes for beauty. The top knot looks adorable on so many girls, but I look like a space alien with an orb coming out of my head.

However, there are some trends I am willing to give a go.

Lace - up flats

Girlfriend jeans
H&M shown

Lariat Necklaces
 I own this and wear it like crazy. Plus, it's affordable.

Bucket bags
Less expensive option here

Finally, this is a trend but one that I know will last. I have been dying (and saving) for this bag.

What trends are you loving, and which ones are you loathing? I'd honestly love to hear your thoughts!

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