Current Beauty Product Stand-Outs

I've collectively done a huge purge of my beauty arsenal over the last few weeks, and in doing so, I've realized there really isn't a single product in my collection now that I don't love. Some are just standing out more than others because they perform exceptionally well. Just like your closet, I feel like any woman should be able to reach into her vanity or shower and feel confident, happy, and most importantly, excited to get ready to look her best each day.

I've had all of these for awhile now, but have been saving them to mention in this post. As usual, if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. I could talk about beauty all day long.

There isn't a single negative thing I can say about either of these. I will never buy another lip balm again. I've found the holy grail. Not only does it smell amazing (a cross between floral and sweet), but it also stays put on my lips and moisturizes them all night while I sleep. I got the gloss in hopes it would be similar, and it really is. Moisturizing, smooth, and a sheer wearable pink. Forget wasting your money on other balms. Use them all up and get these instead.

I bought this because the regular HD foundation has been my favorite for two years. I was afraid that once it was discontinued and replaced, maybe this formula would be different. I'm not good with change! I would say that it is different, but ever so slightly. It feels smoother, and possibly a bit thinner in its formulation. The effect is beautiful on camera, just as the original. You end up looking  almost airbrushed. I use a damp sponge to apply it, and I use very little. 

I used this eye cream when I first began blogging, but then switched to Origins because it was accessible whereas Kiehl's is not in my area. I don't know how I went without it for so long. It's heaven in the form of a little pot of light green goodness. What else can I say? If you're craving heavy duty moisture underneath your eyes, this is IT. 

I've struggled with thin eyebrows for years, and I think I've written about that at length before. All you need to know young ladies: DO NOT OVER TWEEZE. Just don't do it. Go to a professional for your first time, and then just perform simple maintenance from there after. I've used pencil, powders, and gels to fill in sparse areas but nothing has worked quite like this product. I bought it after a Sephora salesgirl cornered me, wanting to mess with my brows. Although I felt accosted at first, I ended up writing her a thank-you note! This product does not budge, is easy to apply with an angled brush, and looks natural. Did I mention it doesn't budge?

The cleansing cream shampoo was a birthday gift from my SIL. She is a hairstylist and always introduces me to new (or new to me at least) hair products. This acts as a clarifying shampoo, so I use it only once per week. It definitely leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean, and I don't feel residue left behind like I do with my regular shampoo. I notice that other products I use to style my hair work more effectively after using this to wash it.

The flake away scrub was purchased on a whim, but I needed a new exfoliator to replace my LUSH ocean salt, since I don't have easy access to that either. Love this stuff! It's not harsh at all, has a soft scent, and leaves my skin feeling extra soft. I use this in the shower or tub about once per week as well. I use it mostly on my legs and arms.

I hope you enjoyed these mini reviews! What are your current stand-out products?

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