Fall Basics

Wearing //
Nordstrom jacket, similar & similar
Zara cami, similar
Beauty //
Lips in Glo Minerals Aubergine (must-have) topped with balm
Use code Beautygirl24 for a discount!

Although this post features my Fall basics, it really should be titled "burlesque". Friday night, Nate and I did something a little more daring than our usual dinner and drinks outing. We went to see a burlesque show in San Diego. Gina invited me, and of course I wanted to support my friend. We got to see her shake her groove thang, and I loved every minute of it! She did a fabulous job, and so did the entire team. I was blown away by how confident all of the dancers were. All ages, shapes, and sizes, and all equally comfortable and confident in their own skin. As someone who has struggled with body image since I was a kid, I felt very empowered after the show. You don't have to be a certain weight to be beautiful, and it opened my eyes to this other world where feeling good about yourself is all that matters. Imagine that. Logically we all know this, but getting the negative self-talk out of your head on a daily basis can be difficult. Burlesque is a lost art, and I'm hoping it's coming back. If you ever get the chance to see one, definitely go!

I wore this outfit to the show, and although I think I should have dressed up in retrospect, I was just so excited to finally wear my favorite cool weather basics. Next time though, I'll be sure to at least have some glitter in my hair :)

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