Throwback Thursday {Fall Outfits}

Okay, breaking news: I'm growing my hair out again. I know, it's quite the revelation. Looking back on the last two years of my Fall wardrobe not only has provided me with style inspiration, but it has also made me realize that although I've really enjoyed my sassy shorter 'do, my long lost locks have me feeling a bit nostalgic. It's true what they say you know...the grass is always greener on the other side. I can guarantee that the minute I do grow it out, I'll get fed up with styling it and will once again feel the urge to bring out the scissors. But I'm going to give it a go anyway. It's just hair after all. I'm heading to the salon to get it dyed a couple of shades darker this morning!

I wanted to put together this throwback of my Fall clothing choices for two reasons. One, I really need some style inspiration lately. And two, I also have some new readers and Instagram followers, and I think this little recap sums up my style perfectly. I'm inspired by what I see on other blogs, but most of those ladies live in colder parts of the country and it's just not practical for me. It's difficult to dress for this unseasonably warm weather in California. I keep having to look at my calendar to remind myself that August is gone, and Halloween is in two days! I'm struggling to put together outfits, and since I still own most of these pieces, I may as well work with my existing wardrobe instead of looking to others. I think doing so is one of the most positive aspects of style blogging. It's a digital diary :)

Have a happy (and safe) Halloween this weekend!

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