Winter Skin Essentials

Is it Winter yet? No? Not until next week I believe. Well you can tell my skin that because it has been in Winter mode for about a month now and it looks like it might be a rough season (pun intended). As much as I love the cooler temperatures, my skin goes into shock every year and becomes so bitterly dry that I spend a small fortune trying to find the latest and greatest products so I don't look like a withering piece of old fruit. Not only is dry skin bothersome, but it can also be itchy and painful. Not to mention how it ages you! I'm still on the lookout for a great body balm or butter, but I do have some other products that I swear by every Winter. If you suffer from the same problem, maybe these will be worth trying for you as well. I've already done little reviews on most of these products so I'm just refreshing your memories and letting you know that I don't just buy things, blog about them, and move on. I really am very loyal to certain items because they work!

Can you tell I love this brand?

This product is new. I bought it in place of my Lush body conditioner because that product isn't easily accessible and this one by Nivea is. I think I prefer the Lush, but only because of the rose scent. Otherwise, this works just as well and leaves my skin much softer than if I didn't add the extra step.

I just bought a new body lotion from Target that I'm going to test, and I also was sent a couple of organic skin products from a Canadian brand. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for reviews on those. Winter skin is serious beauty business! Let me know if you ladies have any recommendations for me! 

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