First Weekend

Wearing //
Express jacket, tank, & jeans
Zara pumps, similar here and I want these
French Connection bag, similar
Delezhen labradorite necklace, similar
Beauty //

The first few days after any kind of move means comfortable clothing. For the majority of last week, I frumped around in whatever was handy and clean, and being "fashionable" took a backseat to comfort, We didn't hire movers to shlepp our furniture from the condo to the new house. Why would we? We only moved about a mile up the road! However, let me tell you. I am SO out of shape! My legs and back are still sore from carrying boxes up and down the stairs 50 times over. At the end of the weekend, all I wanted was a warm shower and a massage. I didn't get the massage, but I did take an extra long shower so I could feel human again. How I managed to get dressed at all still mystifies me, but we wanted to have some drinks at our favorite bar to celebrate our move and this is what I came up with. I'm still loving olive green paired with other neutrals, and this utility style moto jacket fits the bill of slouchy comfort. I definitely could have sized down, but this was the last one in the store and I kind of like the oversize fit with skinny jeans. Thank you ladies for all the well wishes on Instagram and snapchat! I really appreciated them. You were all right - the change felt sad, but only for a split second. Now that we have more space, I can't imagine why I worried so much that this wouldn't feel like home. It's been one week, and it absolutely does :)

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