Happy Investing

Dark Clouds are lining the sky
Panik sellers don't know the reason why!

Some say China is in a mess
But difficult to say how bad is the case
They also fear that the Fed may hike
Bcoz of which FII selling will spike

Back home there is no dearth of bad news
All sorts of 'market experts' are shouting their views

With such gloom its is easy to get sold
Beware before your investments catch cold
Don't panic and sell your gold (good stocks)
In fact its time to be rational and bold

The market is a funny animal
Alternately called a bull or a bear
I would call it an Investment Carnival
That is a also a 'wealth making' friend dear

Amid all such noice
what you need is a saner voice

This crash is not the first
nor will it be the last
Human emotions of greed and fear
are as old as the time when man hunted deer!

The markets have survived two world wars
They have taken thousands of wounds and scars
Yet they have bounced back time and again
Rewarding Investors who have bought in the bargain

So do not worry whether the markets will vanish
Just pick companies that you think will flourish
The markets will move don't try to time
Every time they fall just put in a dime

This is an easy and time tested tool
Wonder why they don't teach this in school
While we try to fit the text book theories
The market would have climbed the wall of worries

History tells us that Humans will prosper and companies will do well
Markets will rise taking up with them the stocks which once fell
However it will take time, difficult times will make you queasy
But who said making money was ever easy :)

Happy Investing!

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