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Anthro Dress, sold out but timeless option
Macy's coat, similar
Halogen booties, similar

Like most people, it's hard to describe my style in a sentence. I know what I like - feminine silhouettes, neutral shades mixed with pops of color, simple cuts and fabrics, and definitely what I refer to as "classic" leanings. But what does classic really mean? It's difficult to explain but for the purpose of this, I'll try. My interpretation of classic means that I like basic pieces that I can wear in a number of ways. I like to invest in essentials that I know will always be in style, whether it's 2016 or far into the future. Trends are fun to play with, but I prefer to save my money and keep those to a minimum. It really is consistent with my personality as well. I'm a bit (okay a lot) timid in life. I need to be pushed to try new things, and change isn't something I seek out. I'm a creature of habit, I like routine, and I think my personal style reflects that. Hopefully this doesn't make me sound like a wet blanket! I love clothes, but I just know what works for me. When I try to step out of my comfort zone, I always end up coming back to the classics. 

And I always end up cheering when it's Friday. I'd say the weekend is classic too. Have a great one!

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