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Cheeky little title. Every single time I put on a pair of boots, that song immediately comes to mind! Anyway, I really want to thank you ladies (and gentleman) for all of the feedback I received on my body image post last week. I was truly touched by your comments and own experiences, and I even got text messages from my best friends and mother on the subject! I don't think they read here often, but when they do, it means a lot to me. I wasn't sure what sort of response I would get, and I was humbled. Writing honestly has and always will be at the core of why enjoy blogging, and so I've decided to do posts like that more frequently. At least, when I get the itch to say something more relevant than simply describing what I'm wearing.

That being said, I do want to mention that these booties are my new favorite. I asked both Gina and Caryl for advice on them because I wasn't sure if I should get these or a black pair. They both chimed in that taupe was the way to go, and I'm so happy that I went with these. They are definitely versatile! I love how they blend into my legs and give the illusion of longer gams. If you don't have a pair of booties, I highly recommend a style like these. They don't come up as high on the ankle, so they don't cut off the leg line as much as other booties I've seen. These do come in other colors, and all of them are beautiful but I know that with Spring around the corner, these will transition seamlessly.

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