Valentine's Day Messages for your valentine

I'm glad cupid shot you for me with his arrow.

Sorry I'm a day late wishing you a happy February 13th.

I guess today is just as good of a day as any to tell you how I feel about you.

I'm glad I don't need a special day to feel special when I'm with you.

All I want for Valentine's day is for you to enjoy yourself.

Romance is easy when the one you adore is as amazing as you.

This is my favorite day to love on my favorite person.

You are the only reason I enjoy Valentine's Day.

I love celebrating our love the way we do. We always have a good time.

You are the best present I could have on Valentine's Day!

I just have one question for you. How did I get so lucky to have you as my Valentine?

I love that you love me despite my faults.

You are my sweet candy. You are my beautiful flower. You are my perfect Valentine's Day present.

Valentine's Day helps to remind me how special you are to me. We were made for each other.

I want you to do something special for me every February 14th. Be mine!

Love is always amazing, but ours is especially awesome!

I want to experience Valentine's Day with all my senses. I want to experience you with all my senses.

I feel like royalty when I'm with you. You are my prince and I am your princess.

Valentine's Day would be a sad day without you. I can't imagine not having you now.

No chocolates or other candies can be as sweet as you. No teddy bear can be as cuddly, and no roses can be as beautiful.

I trust you with my heart, even though it is fragile. Thanks for taking good care of it.

It's not that I don't love Valentine's Day, it's just that I love you more.

Thanks for being my sweetheart and my Valentine. Happy Valentine's day!

If our love was a song, I'd want to blast it all the time. And I'd dance to it with you.

You have my heart, my soul, and my eyes. You are my Valentine now and forever.

I wasn't sure what to say on Valentine's Day. Chocolate covered cherries, roses, and red are symbols of words I wish I could have said.

You are my comfort when I am feeling down and the smile I feel even when I frown. Thanks for being mine.

If I could have anything on Valentine's day, I would choose you, again. Love ________.

Being my Valentine is the most important job you have on Valentine's Day. Make sure you aren't late for work.

Some people say Valentine's Day is just another day for card companies, flower shops, and candy companies to make more money. I disagree, I think it's the best excuse for all of us to show each other how much we love our significant other the way we should every day.

I hope you can feel my love this Valentine's day even though I can't be with you. Cupid has a long range arrow for us. I am confident in Cupid's marksmanship nevertheless. (Long distance message)

I can't imagine Valentine's Day with anyone else or without you. Thank you for being my companion and my lover.

Dating you makes every day feel like Valentine's day, but I don't mind if they want to make it official on Feb. 14th.

Have an amazing Valentine's Day filled with feelings of love, and know that I am thinking of you warmly.  

You are a beautiful person on the inside and the outside. I love hanging out with you and appreciate having you in my life.

If it wasn't for the mushy feeling you give me, I wouldn't be able to stand the mushiness of Valentine's Day. Thanks to you, I can enjoy Feb 14th.

When I try to think of all the reasons I love you, my head hurts. I don't like to have to count that high.

Being in love is like being irrationally obsessed. O.k., I admit it. I'm guilty of being a little obsessed with you.

A lot of people say that it's all the little things that make them love another person. In my case, it's the big things that I love about you.

Our love is magnetic. Even though we are polar opposites in some ways, we're strongly attracted to each other.

Love is in the air and it might get a little difficult to breathe today.

My heart harts your heart.

I've been thinking of some adjectives to describe you, but then I realized those same adjectives could describe my gift to you: beautiful, sweet, etc.

You make V-day a fun time. All I can do is write you a rhyme.

We have a special kind of love that we can celebrate in a special way.

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