A Peek Into My Loft

I've always wanted a home office. Or any office really, even one referred to with a smirk as a cubicle. At work I share a small office space with about 100 other people in my department, and nobody really has a set place (hey, it's a non-profit). I didn't get the chance to have an office in our condo because space was limited. Now that we are in a bigger home than we had originally planned, Nate and I decided that we both wanted an office of our own. He has free reign to do whatever he wants in his, which will most likely consist of pictures of things he loves (the ocean, family members, dirt bikes, cars) and I have the same freedom to do whatever I want with my "loft". Located at the top of our stairs, it could easily have been a playroom, but since we don't have children just yet, I decided to turn it into a space where I can get ready each morning and eventually use to blog, take product photos, and read. It's as girly as I could have imagined.

This isn't quite the finished product. I still would like a small love seat so that I can actually work instead of moving around my laptop to wherever is most convenient, so I'm keeping an eye out for one. For now, all I can say is that my loft has come along rather quickly and I am absolutely loving it!

Vanity - Ikea, Chair - Wayfair

Rug - Wayfair

Table - Target



Large Mirror - HomeGoods, Gold Vanity Mirror - Target
Waste Basket - Target

I'm not very creative with home decor. I'll admit that Pinterest has shaped most of my thought process in this area, especially the rug! It's still very much in keeping with my taste, so I can't feel guilty about it. If you have any specific questions on anything you see, let me know! Or, if you have suggestions for other items I might find useful, that is welcomed too.

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