Carlsbad Flower Fields

Nate and I have been trying in vain to see the Carlsbad flower fields for literally two years now. I clearly didn't do my homework, because the flowers are only in bloom from March through May, and we always attempted to go during the Summertime. You'd think I would just google it, but nope. I just figured eventually it would happen, and finally this weekend, it did. This post is picture heavy because it's hard to narrow down which picture is prettier than the next! Most of these aren't touched up at all because mother nature doesn't require filters. I hope you enjoy!

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Gorgeous right? I really can't describe it in any other manner. I'm basic that way. I will say that it was too crowded for my liking, so if you can go during the week, I'm sure you'll enjoy it more. You can't actually go into the fields, which makes sense logically but people couldn't help themselves and they got yelled at for attempting. I wanted to lie in the flowers, but that will never be the case, at least not in the Carlsbad flower fields. I'll try my luck somewhere else.

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