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If you've been around the blogosphere for at least a couple of years, you'll know that this spotted clutch is basically owned by A LOT OF PEOPLE.  I remember when I first saw it carried by a top blogger, it was only a matter of days until what seemed like every fashion blogger had the Clare Vivier clutch. I immediately wanted in on the bandwagon. Not because it was so popular, but because it's just such a well-designed piece. I love the fold-over style because it holds more than a flat clutch, and I really am enamored with the print. Subtle, not at all garish like some leopard or cheetah can be. Leopard is a neutral, but I think it sometimes runs the risk of looking a bit dated if not done correctly. So for months, I've been going back and forth, especially when Shopbop has a sale. I never pull the trigger, I just make a mental note of how much I like it, but then proceed to the Express website where I get yet another barcelona cami because that makes sense right? Can never have enough of those!

 I do spend money on handbags, as I mentioned in this post. But for some reason, I just could never bring myself to splurge on Clare V. So when I saw that an online boutique was selling a similar looking alternative for a fraction of the price, I went for it. The shipping was super fast! The quality is great, very soft and malleable. I'm sure it can't compare to the real thing and full disclosure, I've never seen the Clare V in person. However, if you're looking for a less expensive option then I highly recommend it. It is currently on the website for $45 dollars, but I purchased it during a promotion so it was a bit less. Still worth it in my opinion.

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