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Anxiety sucks. I know I've briefly mentioned this before, but because I like to keep my blog a little less personal and a little more frivolous, it's not something I write about often. Over the weekend, I had a conversation with one of my best friends about what she's been experiencing lately, something I didn't know about. She told me that her anxiety has gotten to the point where it's preventing her from living life to the fullest. As I listened to her speak, I realized that I let anxiety do the same thing in my own life. I get uncomfortable around large groups of people, I avoid or turn down opportunities that could benefit me, and I even cancel appointments because I get nervous just being around people. I know that may sound crazy to some of you, but for those of us that struggle with it, the fears and phobias are very real. As a behavior health specialist, I teach my kids to cope with their emotions by talking to a friend, going for a long walk, or listening to music. There are plenty of ways to cope with negative thoughts and feelings, but I don't really take my own advice. I'll ignore a problem, or I do whatever possible to avoid a conflict. It's because I want to be comfortable. My whole life I've just made decisions based on being comfortable. Does that make sense? I'm pre-wired to think this way, and it's really unfortunate because I know that I'm not living life to the fullest. So Nate told me to just fake it til I make it. Get up, get dressed, and go about the day. Don't over analyze, don't let worry stop you from getting out of bed each day. I do see a therapist and I take anti-anxiety medication which does help, but I have to do the work myself. I'm not sure why I picked today to share this, but sometimes I don't know what shallow things to write about. The outfit pictures illustrate that part for me :) I hope those of you who are suffering from a mental health problem get treatment, and I encourage you to talk about it with friends. You'll quickly realize that you are not alone. 

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