Mama Wants a Brand New Bag

I'm getting that itch again. The one where I get ridiculously obsessive about my next big purchase, and that always means a handbag. I've said it before - some women love shoes, some lust after diamonds, and some like myself's all about that next beautiful bag to add to my (rather small) collection.

Here's the criteria:

  • Must be practical and multi-functional
  • In keeping with the upcoming Spring and Summer, I want one in a lighter color
  • Which color have I narrowed it down to? Either beige, white, or blush
  • I'm also in the market for a crossbody/saddle style. Trendy at the moment, but when it comes to bags in particular, the saddle bag comes back around every few years.
  • Must be leather and of good quality because my bags are forever - quality over quantity
  • Must be under the $400 range. As much as I'd love a Chloe, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, or Valentino, I just can't bring myself to save for one just yet. There are other pressing matters in life. I have to be realistic. 

I'm not one to jump at the chance to make a big purchase. I like to do some research, mull over my options, and then narrow the choices down to two or three. Sometimes I'll ask for others' opinions, but most of the time, I go with my gut because ultimately it's my money and I'm the one who is going to carry the bag! 

Some pretty options that are in the running:

Which do you ladies prefer? It's hard to narrow down to just one! 

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