I Heard You Have a Blog?

Why yes. Yes I do have a blog.

What's it about?

Um, just silly stuff. Fashion, beauty, my style.

Oh that's so cool, I'll have to read it!

And in my head I'm thinking, please don't! God don't read it and see what I do on the weekends. Husband running home from work on Fridays so we can catch the last bits of sunlight.

It's not that deep. I always follow up people's questions by saying it's just something I do for fun, because it really is. But I downplay how much it honestly means to me, and how it has saved me from becoming completely insane in my "real" job. Working with kids and families is tough, and I often come home after a meeting feeling like I need to re-think my choices in life. I also come home wanting to pour myself a large glass of wine. Usually I refrain. Usually.

Wearing //
Nordstrom jacket, similar here and here
Topshop skirt, perfect Spring option
J.Crew pumps, similar

When I first started Beautygirl24 in 2009, the only people I told were my best friends. I didn't even tell close friends and family, and certainly not co-workers. I wasn't sure why, but I was completely embarrassed. I didn't think it would be taken seriously, because hell I didn't even take it seriously. It was just supposed to be a guilty pleasure, something to entertain myself with while I was avoiding becoming a full-fledged adult. Then once I started Instagram, people found out about this hobby of mine, and now pretty much everyone I know, knows. It sometimes feels like a dirty secret that I've carried around. But then I wonder, why I am ashamed? I mean what's the big deal? So many women have blogs now. Stay at home moms, working women who need an outlet, and many who have been fortunate (and hard working) enough to make blogging their full-time jobs. It's an idea that I've grappled with, especially lately. I'm just not convinced that I'd enjoy solely doing this for work, and I like that it's been a low maintenance thing. Would I still enjoy doing this if it were my job? I really don't know, nor have I given myself the freedom to give it a few minutes thought.

But yes, I have a blog. And I am beginning to be more than okay with people knowing. I'm actually proud of it.

Do you ladies tell others about your blog? How do you feel about it? I'm in discussion mode on this one!

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