A Wedge Issue

I remember when I was in high school, I was irrationally self-conscious of my height, or shall I say, lack thereof. All of my girlfriends were much taller, with legs for days. So in an effort to fit in and be more like them, I wore the most hideous platform wedges I could find and I wore them almost every single day. My boyfriends would make fun of me, pointing out that even with a three foot wedge, I was still pretty damn short and they thought it was funny that I wore "blocks" on my feet instead of just accepting the simple fact that yes, I am short.

I'm not sure when it happened. Maybe college when I decided that stomping around campus was a waste of time and I was tired of getting blisters. I decided to try flats, and I've been hooked ever since. At some point, I accepted that I'm 5'2, and that it's okay to be shorter than a lot of other women. I may have trouble reaching the top of a shelf, but I can also squeeze myself into the back of an uber rather nicely. Being short does have its advantages, but I'll leave that topic for another day.

Back to wedges. I haven't owned a pair of real ones since college, but I'm starting to notice them this year for Summer and I think I may have to get a pair. Just one! I'm in search of THE perfect nude wedge that will go with literally everything. In honor of my guy friends from high school (bless their souls), one pair of "blocks" on my feet is enough.

Top Picks:

I also really LOVE these, but they are sold out in my size

Which of these is your favorite? I need some advice!

Will you be wearing wedges this Summer? Speaking of which, have a great Memorial Day! Enjoy, possibly wearing a fabulous pair of wedges.

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