Currently Loving: Gel Manicures

I may not be an expert hair guru, nor even the most skilled at applying makeup. I love doing it, but let's face it, I can barely trace my liner or coat my lashes in mascara without poking myself in the eyes. I do however have one special talent - I know how to give myself a good at-home manicure. My ex-manicurist mom taught me everything I know, and my endless drawer of nail polish, cotton balls, cuticle sticks, files, and tools can prove it.

Lately, I have been neglecting my plethora of polish and going to a manicurist that I absolutely love. I'm so comfortable around her that I've even told her my life story, unsolicited. I've never had a good experience with gel nails at other salons. I've been cut, sliced, diced and injured more often than I  ever have in my own kitchen! After my last terrible experience, I vowed never to do gel at all. Well for the past month, I've been getting gel manis and am currently in a state of shock.

In all of these pictures, I have gel on my nails. The first was for Vegas so I went a little more out of my comfort zone with glitter. The second and third are right up my alley, as I've come to accept that pinks, nudes, and reds are my go-to colors.

I think the takeaway from my current love is that you have to find the right manicurist. Not everyone will do what you tell them to, and some have more knowledge and experience than others. I plan on doing my own nails again after Hawaii so I don't feel too guilty about neglecting my collection of nail polish. But until then, I'm enjoying this fun little treat.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend and I'll see you here on Monday!

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