Spring Trench

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INC coat, similar
Kendra Scott necklace & ring

I love the trend we've been seeing everywhere over the last few months of a slouchy, open trench coat. Or are they called dusters? I guess I should probably know the exact term, but either way, I adore the look of a relaxed longer coat over an outfit. I've worn it with jeans and on top of a dress, and I am convinced it ties together any outfit rather nicely. It's that extra polished layer that turns a basic look from mediocre (dare I say boring) into something a bit more special. Not to mention that with the April and May showers that typically come with Spring, having a light layer to cover your arms is a must! You never know when you'll be caught in a downpour. Trust me. It happened to me last week and I looked like a drowned rat. I should keep this coat in my car. Noted.

I'm still recovering from my crazy weekend in Vegas celebrating my sister-in-law, so forgive the lack of writing. I have so many posts coming up that are fairly long-winded so just consider this a little break from the thoughts in my head I like to share with you :)

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