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My friend asked me the other day about an event she was attending, and what she should wear. I think she expected me to have some amazing advice because she knows I blog and so obviously that makes me an expert in the field right? Um, no it does not. Anyway, my advice to everyone (always) is pretty simple - wear what you love. Even if people have seen you in an outfit fifty times, even if you are unsure of what others will be wearing to that same event. Just wear what makes you feel good! Are you a jeans and tee-shirt kinda girl? Then wear that! You can dress it up with shoes and accessories. Not into the casual look? Wear the prettiest dress you own because it makes you feel nothing short of fabulous. We get so caught up sometimes in our appearance that we actually do ourselves a disservice. There's nothing worse than going somewhere in an outfit that you're pulling up, pulling down, or just plain uncomfortable in. For the bachelorette in Vegas, I wore kitten heels because I knew I'd be doing a ton of walking. I didn't care that most of the other ladies I was with wore sky high heels because that's what they wanted to wear. I may have been the shortest person in the club, but I was also damn comfortable and I didn't look like a baby giraffe stumbling across the dance floor. I tried being that baby giraffe when I was in my twenties and thinking back, I know how ridiculous I must have seemed. Moral of the story? Just be yourself. You're already beautiful. Own it.

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