12 best of KABALI

1. Kabali is the 1st Indian
    movie to release across
    30 nations at a time.

2. Kabali is widest release
    across Asian countries.

3. Kabali is going to release
    across 4500 screens in
    China same as PK
    400 screens across US
    300 screens each across
    Malaysia Indonesia and
    Japan ( highest ever for
    any Indian movie so far).

4. Kabali is the only South
    Indian movie to release
    in over 1000 screens in
    North India.

5. Kabali is releasing across
    double the screens than
    any other Bollywood
    star's film worldwide.

6. Kabali trailer crossed 25
    Million in a week as it is
    released highest ever for
    any Indian movie.

7. Kabali is the 1st Indian
    movie  poster displayed
    in flights buses in India.

8. Kabali is all set to be the
    first movie in the world to
    declare a leave in a state
    ( already by few MNC's
       and small companies).

9. Kabali is releasing in
   12000 screens worldwide
    at a time across 30 nation
    Highest ever*

10. Kabali is the only movie
      to  have a pre booked
      all tickets for all shows
      in USA.

11. Record Booking ever
      with 6500 screens
      already booked FDFS
      3500 screens for FD
      2000 screens entire
      weekend for all the
      shows worldwide.

12. Kabali is the 1st Indian
      movie to release  in
      World's biggest theatre
      Le grand Rex in France
      with 2500 seats.
      Kabali has set all
      time record in every
      sector of Indian

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