Glo Therapeutics and My Skin

I've been working with Glo Professional and their skincare line, Glo Therapeutics for about two years. I was initially contacted by the company, and quickly fell in love with their mists, serum, and moisturizers. Although these products were kindly sent to me a few months ago, I can honestly attest to the quality of their brand and I would (and soon will) pay for my own products in a heartbeat. That's how much I love it! Let me also stress that I have used these products for a substantial period of time, so I've really been able to see the difference in my skin. It looks more radiant overall, and even though I've had a spell recently with eczema, my face has remained untouched and looks just as I want it to - glowing, moisturized, and more even.

I start by cleansing, and then apply the Cyto-luxe toning mist all over my face. I do this morning and night to boost my skin's brightness and provide a layer of fine moisture. It smells clean and natural, and I find that it's the most refreshing step in my skincare routine. It does feel slightly tingly, but the sensation fades within seconds of application. It's the perfect canvas for my next step.

I then apply the Cyto-luxe light moisture cream. It goes on smoothly and smells of citrus, just as the toning mist does! It isn't greasy, so it absorbs into the skin rather quickly. I have dry skin, but it still provides just the right amount of moisture. My skin feels immediately more supple and plump. I also think this product would be even better for people with oily or combination skin since it's so light. 

The Cyto-luxe line is relatively new to Glo Therapeutics, but I love these products in conjunction with my other favorites from their regular line.

I use the renew serum every night. It has anti-aging properties including retinol, and I feel like it really has improved the tone and texture of my skin. The pure hydration almost feels like water! It is a gel-like consistency, and it goes on like a dream providing my skin with a good base for makeup. I'm almost out of both so I need to order more. Overall, I love that these products are plant based, but still contain beneficial ingredients like retinol and glycolic acid. There is something for everyone whether it be acne, anti-aging which is mostly my concern, sensitive skin, and dryness. I do sometimes like to go outside the brand to try other things, but these products are the basis of my routine and that won't change. As long as this brand exists, I will continue to use it.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

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