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Since cutting my hair a couple of years ago, I've come to the realization that I am happiest when I don't have to fuss with it too much. For years, I've straightened and flat-ironed it to death in the hopes that it will magically behave and look exactly as I want it to. It's been so hot and dry this Summer that often the wash and go style is the most practical, so that's what I've been doing on a fairly regular basis. Who wants to spend time with hot tools when it's over 100 degrees outside?

***When I crave a more polished look, I'll go to my local blow-dry bar and have one of the girls deal with my locks. That's a secret weapon I feel all women should treat themselves to! I'm telling you it's better than a mani, pedi, or massage. It's a confidence boost in thirty minutes! You leave the salon feeling like a million bucks.***

But back to my current love - wearing my hair naturally on the days where I don't treat myself to a blow out and just let it dry and do its thing. I was once convinced that there wasn't a single product out there that would allow me this freedom, but I have found two recently that I have to share with you. For reference, I have fine hair, but a ton of it. I also have naturally wavy, frizzy hair. Sound like you? Well then read on! One is from the drugstore for less than $10, and the other I get at the salon but I know that department stores carry it as well.

John Frieda Air Dry Waves - This product is key. After washing my hair, I allow it to air dry for about 15 minutes, usually while I do my makeup. Then, I comb it using a wet brush and apply a generous amount of this foam, concentrating on the middle and ends of my hair. You can apply it to the roots as well, but because most of my frizz is focused on my ends, I don't find that I need much at the top. You have to make sure that your hair is still fairly damp, even to the point of soaking wet in order for this to work and seal in moisture so you don't end up with extra frizz.

Oribe Wave and Shine Spray - Once my hair is almost dry but not quite there, I use this spray to add even more wave. It also produces major shine and holds your waves in place. The fact that I want to bathe in the scent helps too!

Now I'm not claiming that all of my unwanted hair issues are solved, but these products are the best I have found and trust me, I have tried practically everything over the years. It may not be the most polished look, but if you prefer that, feel free to run a curling iron or wand to add more dimension. For me, I just like the ability to wash and go, so I use these and let mother nature do the rest. It fits into the whole Cali beach vibe.

Completely air-dried, using the above products:

What do you think? Do you let your hair do its own thing in the Summer?

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