Indians after a terrorist attack

Indians after a terrorist attack - 

Day 1-Go to war , Hit them hard , Blow them up , Smash them , Tear them apart , Cross  the line of control , Create Balochistan , Muh Todh Jawab , Jaw for a tooth , Ten heads for one . 

Day 2 - All our options are open , We will choose the place and time , We have a number of options , We will give them a befitting reply .

 Day 3 - Isolate them diplomatically , We will raise this issue at the United Nations , Get them declared a terrorist State . 

Day 4 - We have given them proof , We have prepared a Dossier , They have to take action against the perpetrators of this dastardly act .

 Day 5 - We will not play cricket with them , We will not allow their artists in our country . 

Day 6 - We must keep talking to the civilian government , The real culprits are the Army Generals . 

Day 7 - The people of Pakistan are good people , The real villains are ISI and the Army , We have a better cricket team than them , We will beat them in the world cup . 

Day 8 - Suno ji , I am getting late for office make my Tiffin fast , and yes be ready in the evening we will go for a movie , I have heard Amitabh Bachhan has acted really well in Pink , and we will have dinner outside , Wife says arrey nahi I have to watch Hum Safar the Pakistani serial , you know Fawad Khan is so good in it .

 And life goes on till the next terrorist attack for the same cycle to be repeated .

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