Fall Series: Part 1 - Maximize Your Wardrobe

I am so excited to bring you a new three part series with nine of my fellow bloggers and friends. Over the next three weeks, I will be showing you my take on Fall clothing, must-haves, and trends. Everyone of course will have their own thoughts on their respective blogs, so be sure to stop by to do some comparisons! Keep in mind that I live in southern California, and we really don't experience much of your traditional Fall weather. It does cool down some especially at night, but there isn't a need for coats, boots, or heavy jackets on most days. My portion of the series will reflect that, but I do think anyone can heed some of my suggestions. I hope you enjoy!


Today I'm showing you how to maximize a key piece that I think was a huge trend this Summer. It definitely works for Fall too, and I think anyone can benefit from having one in their wardrobe. If you don't own one yet, put it on your list!

The Utility Vest:

Here is how I chose to style my olive utility vest in Summer. Although layering is completely impractical during the hot months, I was able to incorporate it on top of a girly white dress. I remained cool, but the extra addition revved up the fashion factor and created a more interesting look. It took a frilly frock in a different direction. I wore my vest a ton as a topper to my favorite little dresses, as well as with tees and denim shorts.

For Fall:
It's super easy to make this key piece work in cooler weather. I plan on wearing mine with dark denim and classic accessories to keep the look sleek and polished for Fall. You can mix it up with practically anything already hanging in your closet. You could even layer it over a long sleeve dress, booties, and tights. Take your pick! This staple is fool-proof, which is why I think the transition works from Summer into Fall.

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