Managing Eczema

I have a (not so secret) confession to make: I have been dealing with dry, itchy, bumpy skin otherwise known as eczema. I've struggled with problematic skin for years, but it has gotten to the point where I'm actually embarrassed to show my arms sometimes due to the red scaly patches underneath my elbows. I even went to my doctor because the irritation was getting to the point where I was scratching so severely. I was breaking the skin, not exactly an attractive look. He prescribed me a cream that definitely has helped, and told me to stop clawing at myself because it just makes the problem worse. Okay doc, easy for you to say! I know it's a vicious cycle. The itch causes the scratching, but the scratching just makes the itching more intense.

Anyway, aside from the topical medicated cream, I have been using two products in conjunction that have soothed a great deal, and the eczema isn't nearly as bothersome as it was just a few weeks ago. If any of you suffer from eczema (which apparently is pretty common) or if you just have sensitive dry skin, read on!

 Loccitane almond shower oil...I have used different body washes in hopes of treating my eczema, but the one I find to be the most effective is this. The lather is minimal, and I don't feel it strips my skin of moisture. It's gentle enough to use every day.

 Skinfix soothing lotion...This is tremendous and if you have any form of dryness then you need to try it! I got mine at Target, but you can also find Skinfix products at Ulta and CVS. In doing some research on eczema, I found out that colloidal oatmeal is the main ingredient that helps alleviate the irritation, and I can feel the difference as soon as I put this on my body.

Here are some more tips for eczema-prone skin:

1. Don't take long hot showers. It promotes dryness. Instead try taking short, luke-warm showers.

2. As soon as bathing is done, pat your skin dry (don't rub) and immediately slather on lotion while skin is still damp. It provides a moisture barrier.

3. Apply lotion a couple times per day.

4. An epsom salt bath can also provide some relief if the itching is especially bad.

5. See your doctor or dermatologist if symptoms persist.

And now I sound like a brochure, so I am done here. I hope this helps! I'm worried my skin will freak out again once the weather really changes, because my skin always gets insanely dry in Winter. I'll update you if anything changes in my routine.

Do you suffer from dry skin or eczema? I'd love to hear your experience! Any other tips are greatly appreciated.

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