100 things guys don't notice about girls

1.a girl will always. always.always. find out if you lie, so dont do it.
2.we dont likee talking dirrty as much as you like hearing it.
3.we arent as open about what we do in private as you are so dont ask
4.dontt ask a girl about her weight, she'll freak out.
5.Beware of every single male relative and all guy friends. Any of them would kick your butt if you hurt her.
6. Don't be afraid to touch them if you want to. If they're going out with you in the first place, it's because they like being in your arms.
7: a girl will do almost ANYTHING to bring your name up in a conversation
8. girls always talk about guys, like, ALWAYS. so dont even think about cheating, cuz we will find out.
9.we dont like being called sexy or hott. calling us beautiful will always score you more points.
10. PMS: it really does make us feel like shit, so dont be grossd out by it because then it just makes us feel worse about ourselves.
11. we want to be with you. it doesnt matter where, it doesnt matter when, we just wantto be with you.
12. if you kiss us in front of your friends, jackpot (: .
13. if we slap you, you deserved it bitch.
14. we dont mind paying for half of everything. but it makes you look like an asshole to everyone else.
15. a girl should always get three things from her boyfriend during the preiod of the relationship: a stuffed animal; a sweatshirt of his; a ring or a necklace, no matter how serious the relationship is.
16. if a guy is bothering us and we tell you. its not because were trying to piss you off, its because were scared and want you to protect us.
17. when shes texts you late at night, its because she cant get you out of her head.
18. we're very jealous, so if your talking to your girl friend ( friend that is a girl) , pull your actual girlfriend closer to yu, to make her feel more important.
19. when shes mad at you, kiss her.
20. when shes not mad at you, kiss her.
21. when shes upset, kiss her. ( do you see a pattern? )
22. DO NOT flirt with our friends or relatives, even jokingly. it pisses us off.
23. guys that smell good = hot.
24. okay, seriously, NOT EVER GIRL IS GOING TO BE A SIZE 3 so learn to deal with that, and look for something more then a girl that can pull of a bikini, bc very few can.
25. when shes upset and she puts her head on yoru shoulder, she wants you to put your arm around he rand tell her everthign is gonna be okay.
26: when a girl bites her lip, she wants you to kiss her.
27. dont beat around the bush. if you want to know something, just ask us. if we dont tell you, then we dont want you to nkow. point blank.
28.when she asks you what she should wear, its because she want you to think abotu her looking cute.
29. girls like wearing sweats more then tight jeans and little tees so dont even judge a girl by what she wears to school.
30. cute love letters, flowers in her locker, and surprise hugs will always score you major points.
31. no matter how much of a bitch she may be, you HAVE to be nice to the best friend(s) because they are going to know your relationship inside and out.
32. if you introduce us to your friends and yoru going out, you damn better call us your girlfriend or we will move on.
33. whenwe complain about somethign hurting, we really mean touch me here.
34. girls love when you play with their hair and touch their face. it most definetly will make a girl blush and smile.
35. its hard for us to trust people, but once we trust you. we honestly and truly trust you.
36. if you dont think the relationship is going anywhere, TELL US dont go and tell your friends and then break up with us. it will seriously scar us for the rest of our lives.
37. girls likee being picked up and carried around, but BE CAREFUL. were fragile.(:
38. girls love a guy that can make them laugh.
39. x girlfriends piss us off. So if your not sure if your over them or not, dont even bother with us.
40.girls love it when guys comment on our eyes. it shows that your looking at us. not our boobs.
41. dont tell us that you understand when you dont.
42. when were mad at you. were freaking mad, so let us cool off before you say yor sorry.
43. we always dream about being kissed in the raain
44. once you tell a girl that you can play the guitar or you can sing, she will wait for the day when you preform for her and she will fall for you (:
45. sesitivity is a good thing, but dont make us be the man in the relationship. we want someone thats gonna protect us. not someone that we're gonna hafta comfort everynight, we have enough insecurities of our own.
46. girls like guys that are spontanious. like, if you like a girl, walk up to her and be like wow your gorgous can i have your number, seriously it makes our day (:
47. if a girl really trusts you, she will tell you everythign thats bothering her, so listen dont just tune out and ignore us, its a major thing if we tell you that stuff.
48. seriously, we hate when you play your xbox more then you talk to us. if you love that thing so much, date it not me.
49. when a girl asks you to call her, its because she wants to fall asleep to your voice
50.if we're dating, there always has to be tension. sometime we're just gonna pick a fight with you because everything cant always be perfect, so dont take it to heart.
51.guys, w enkow your competitive, but let us win every once in a while, otherwise we're gonna think yoru cocky and that right there is a major turn off.
52. girls like playing little cute games like 20 questions or what if
53.we reallly dont care as much about what a guy loooks like as much as yo guys care about how a girl looks. personality is number 1.
54. all a girl usually looks for in a guy ( physically) is a nice smile and honest eyes.
55. girls lke videogames too, so dont always assume were cute little mall girls
56. some girls like sports too, and if you me (GIANTS FAN) and you watch a football game, shes gonna root for her team, sorry baby.
57. we loooove being told that you were thinking about us all day
58. if a girl constatnly runs her fingers through her hair, shes doing it to get your attention, some kind of sexual hintt that she likes you (:
59. we dont like when your texting when yoru with us, unless yoru texting the guy next to you asking for tups, cuz we do the same thing (:
60. being nice and cute willalways make a girl talk about you. always.
61.dont ever lie to us and then say oh it was a test. no, that was the end of our relationship.- BEEP-
62. dont EVER text us saying hey babyy whats up? and then sayingoh sorry wrong text. believe me, it has happened.
63. a girl will spend hours on her appearance, so always copmliment her on it.
64. a girl really only wants to make you happy.
65. when a girl says, should i dye my hair or should i change my _ insert body part here_ the answer is ALWAYS " baby, your perfect the way you are"
66. in my opinion, girl will only ask a guys advice if she really trusts him.
67. There is no such thing as a shy girl after the age of 16. After that, all girls are acting.
68.the minute a girl decides to be with you, she's already decided that anytime you need it, she'll sacrifice anything necessary to get it to you.
Anything, anytime, anywhere.
69.always call her when you say you will, it may not seem like it, but it does hurt her and makes her think you don’t care so call even if you can only talk for a minute. Girls don’t necessarily have to have hour long conversations every night but its nice for us to hear your voice even for a quick hello.
70.If your listening to music, let her listen too.
71.if you DONT sleep with us, DONT tell your friends you did
72. if you DID sleep with us, DONT tell your friends you did.
73. she loves when you play with her hands
74. kissing her on the stoumach will always make her smile
75. whisper "iloveyou" in her ear and she will be tured on. BUT DONT SAY IT UNLESS YOU MEAN IT!!!
76. when we come home from a date with you, its alwayss adorible when you text us three seconds after we get home saying " i miss you"
77. okay, you knew it was coming. memorize our birthdays and call us at 12:00 . it makes a woorld of difference.
79. dont be late, it hurts us alot.
80. when you say your gonna do something, do it damnitt.
81. we think about you all the time.
82. if your sitting nexxt to us in class and we're working on sometihing, its cute to get a note saying " hi baby (:" and it will make us smile.
83. girls don't always want to hang out with girls. Just because we have guy friends does not mean that we want to be with them. We probably already had the chance and didn't take it
84.don't expect us to make the same mistakes your ex did. if we do, it is not because there is some huge conspiracy against you. maybe youre making a mistake, not us. dont compare our mistakes to hers
85.we know you don't care about what happened in our day, but listen. it hurts us a lot when you don't pay attention.
86.We don't like to be nagged about where we are going or what we are doing either, but we usually hear you out.
87. we're emotional and act in mysterious ways, but you are pushing a huge button when you call us crazy.
88.girls will stare at their phone untill we get a call or text from you.
89. when we're with you, we will always try to sit/ stand next to you, just hopingfor the chance to touch you in even the smallest possible way.
90. not all girls that are dancers/cheerleaders are whores, so dont assume just cuz thats our sport that we're goign to live up to the sterotype. that goes for any co corricular activity.
91. girls are suckers for little animalss, so if you have a dog, she will most likely go (: awwww. cuz it proves to us you actually have a sensitive side. dont ask me how, it just does.
92. we're not trying to betray you when we ask your guy friends advice on our relationship with you. they know you best, and we're probably only saying good things about you anyway
93.when we go out, we dont always want to go see a movie. change it upp lets do something exciting (:
94. poetry is always a plusss(:
95. girls always jump to concluisions, so dont act innocent unless you really are.and if your not you better have a good conclusion or were gonna assume the worst
96. don't make bets about us; we always find out.
97. most girls are tickelish its cute when guys tickel us
98. no girl just wants to be your "friend with benefits".
99. its sexy when you grab our butts when you make out with us (:
100. if you wre thinking about someone while reading this, go tell them. noww stupid ! (:

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