100 Things Guys Need To Know About Girls

1) Girls love when guys smell good, but dont wear too much cologne.
2) Girls love to be hugged around their lower backs.
3) Girls love a man that can cry.
4) Girls notice the little things guys do to impress them, and they're flattered, so dont hide your feelings!
5) Girls are turned off when guys talk about sex and other perverted things.
6) Girls love it when i guy pulls up her chin and kisses her.
7) Girls love to see guys being sweet and caring about others besides themselves.
8) Its a good sign if a girl can't stop smiling around you.
9) A girl likes you if she chooses you as a partner rather than her best friend on a project to spend time with you.
10) Girls perfer when you call them beautiful rather than sexy.
11) Girls love to hold hands, so dont be shy!
12) Being confident makes the girl want you, but dont be cocky.
13) Be yourself, not who your friends want you to be, you'll loose her for that reason alone,
14) Girls love when you walk them to class with your arm around her shoulders
15) Girls love those long, warm, and passionate hugs.
16) Girls love it when you just hold them and tell them how much you care for them.
17) Dont talk about disgusting things, normally girls dont find it funny.
18) When you like a girl, dont come on too strong, they may not be entirely sure about you yet.
19) Girls hate to be teased in a rude way, so if ou like a girl, treat her right.
20) If you love a girl, tell her, becasue if you dont, you've already lost her.
21) If a girl plays with your hair, she usually finds yo attractive.
22) Looks arent everything in the girl book, so dont judge the girl by her looks either.
23) Girls love to be cuddled with
24) Girls dont care about superficial things like how strong you are.
25) Girls love getting text messages with cute quotes or something else to show you care,
26) Girls really love those sweet suprises
27) If youre trying to make a girl jealous, dont. Flirting with other girls just pushes the girl away.
28) When youre wrong, dont avoid it, be a man and apologize.
29) Cursing and fighting doesnt impress girls.
30) Girls love having a boyfriend she can really talk to, dating isnt just physical and mental, they have to be your best friend too.
31) Girls hate when you pick your guy friends over your girlfriend.
32) A girl saying shes cold is an invitation to come closer and snuggle.
33) Girls love when their boyfriends let them borrow their jackets.
34) Girls love when guys open up to them, so spill all your secrets and trust she wont use them against you.
35) Girls love when you kiss them in the rain.
36) When a girl pulls out her camera, take pictures with her, she doesnt want them all by herself.
37) Give her an unexpected kiss
38) Girls love when you let them fall asleep in your arms
39) Girls hate when guys lie to them, especially when half the time they really know the truth.
40) If you see the girl you like upset, girlfriend or not, comfort her, maybe go for a walk with her alone and let her talk to you, it means a lot to girls having someone they can talk to.
41) Girls love to just lay on the grass with you and stargaze/daydream.
42) Alwyas stand up for her.
43) Girls love being told "sweet dreams"
44) Never give up on a girl you cant go a day without thinking about.
45) If you cant get the girl out of your head, maybe shes supposed to be there.
46) Dont force a girl to do something she doesnt want to do.
47) When you tell her you love her, dont say it out of habit or to make conversation, say it to remind her that shes the best thing that ever happened to you.
48) A girl loves when you are willing to show her off to your friends.
49) Dont leave a girl for your other friends even if she says it okay.
50) Even if it wasnt your fault, apologize to her.
51) If youre not with her, text her to let her know you care.
52) Remember that a girl would rather have bad times with you, than great times without you.
53) Girls love when you dedicate a song to them.
54) Girls want you to wrap your arms around her and tell her shes beautiful.
55) Dont hold back, if you like a girl, tell her.
56) Girls love a guy that can make her laugh
57) Girls like the deep guys who are into poetry
58) When shes upset, hold her tight to your chest
59) Bring her flowers just because
60) Look into her eyes and smile
61) Girls cant alway look their best, so on her worst days, tell her how much she truley means to you and how beautiful you think she is.
62) Girls are unattracted to pimps.
63) Dont be too clingy
64) Always remember your anniversary.
65) When a girl says she wants to go see a scary movie, she wants an excuse for you to hold and comfort her
66) If she gets on her tippytoes just to get in your face... kiss her.
67) Give he a cute, original and personal nickname,
68) If your dumb enough to walk away, you better believe shes smart enough to let you go.
69) If a girl leaves you, she wants you to come after her.
70) If you cant handle a girl at her worst, you dont deserve her at her best.
71) Dont make a girl fall for you if youre not willing to catch her.
72) Scribble her name all over your notebook so when she sees it, she gets a warm feeling inside.
73) Be the type of boyfriend that can brighten her day, even if you cant brighten your own.
74) Become friends with her friends
75) Never look at another girl walking by.
76) Look at her like shes the most beautiful creation on earth.
77) If shes hungry, buy her food or give her yours,, it shows you care.
78) Take her on a sunset walk on the beach
79) Never turn your back on someone you still have feelings for.
80) Never laugh at her mistakes.
81) When a girl tells you something, dont forget it.
82) Take her on the ferris wheel alone.
83) When shes crying wipe the tear away and kiss her.
84) Dont let her wake up and find that you had left her
85) Buy her a teddy bear and suprise her with it for no reason.
86) Dont lead a girl on ever.
87) All girls wish for that one magical night, plan to give it to her,
88) Dont go after an ex's best friend, the best friend will deny you and soread bad words to her friends
89) Stand beside her no matter what she decides to do.
90) If the girl doesnt want to do what your doing, dont force her, either agree to disagree or let her win, the girl feels special when her boyfriend is willing to give something up for her.
91) Dont judge her by the music she listens to.
92) Play with her hair.
93) When you talk to her, look in her eyes.
94) tickle her in those certain places where she flinches with a huge smile on her face,
95) When your not by her side and you see her afterwards, tell her you missed her.
96) When trying to get a particular girl, in a group of people, make her feel special and loved by complimenting her in particular in front of all your friends.
97) If you see her walking, dont let her be alone, walk next to her.
98) Girls love when you walk them home.
99) Nevr change because you think the girl would like you better, she wont.
100) Write her a song or a poem.

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