Lovely lines n quotes of love

- Sometimes without saying anything, we say everything.

- Love is like a war. Easy to start and hard to end.

- I don’t want to have few words with you. I want paragraphs.

- I only miss you, when I think of you,
And I think of you, every moment of my life.

- Love is a feeling which doesn’t die,
It is one which is always alive.

- To love and be loved is the greatest happiness of existence.

- In the cathedral of my heart there is a candle burning brightly for you.

- Love is like a sweet dream,
Marriage is like an alarm clock.

- Love is the answer, no matter what the question is.

- Love consists in this that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other.

- Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest of all growths.

- The roots of the deepest love die in the heart if not tenderly cherished.

- At the heart of love there is a simple secret,
That the lover lets the beloved be free.

- As long as one can admire and love, then one is young forever.

- The first duty to love is to listen.

- If you wish to be loved, love.

- “Take care of your health and be assured that you are most dear to me.”

- Love does not keep a record of wrongs.

- Love is a palace made up of lovers, cemented with faith and painted with affections.

- May our love continue to blossom, till the negroes turn white.

- Love is that dictionary which has 3 words – YOU & ME

- To my favourite software.
I love every bit and byte of yourself.

- Be my side for four years I will be with you for the next 400 years.

- Just imagine the depth of my love, can’t live without you, don’t let anybody snatch you away from me. I’ll wait for your reply till the last breath of my life.

- The sky is not enough to write how much I Love You.

- You are the oasis in my barren heart.

- My heart is like an onion, when it cuts tears come out, so please don’t break my heart.

- I love you so much. For the whole world you may be someone but for someone you are the world.

- Dive deep into my eyes and you will find an ocean of love and in it a boat of friendship waiting for you for a non-stop journey to the core of my heart. Come take a plunge for an experience never before.
Luv blindly,
Your’s Eye Specialist.

- Love is the resonance, which shuffles the soul,
Upto the heaven and settles in the ocean.

- Just talked to God. Booked you for 10 lives.

-You are my

-Just because some one doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.

-They say love hides behind every corner, then I must be walking in circles.

-Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

-To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world

-You are my dream, yet you take my sleep away,
You are my air, yet you take mu breath away.

-From zero to nine,
Old wine,
Only you are my Valentine.

-Love ceases to be pleasure when it ceases to be a secret.

-We are all born for love; it is the principle of existence and its only end

-Pains of love be sweeter far,
Than all other pleasures are.

-All mankind love a lover.

-The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.

-Love is like the measles; we all have to go through it.

-True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about but few have seen.

-We are easily duped by those we love.

-The course of true love never did run smooth.

-Love sought is good, but given unsought is better.

-Those who have courage to love should have courage to suffer.

-Love is the answer that every one seeks,

-Love is the language that every heart speaks.

-Love will make us immortal after death,
I will love you till the last breath.

L- Love
O- Ocean of happiness.
V- Valley of sorrow.
E- End of life.

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